"I'm not ready for a world like this."
—Zach Erwin

Zach Erwin is an original character designed by Coopergang1. He resides in the Fort City universe.

Zach is the teenage nephew of Doctor Connor Cynes, and resides in the post-apocalyptic colony known as Fort City.


Zach was born in Tampa Bay, Florida to wealthy parents of unspecified occupations. Growing up spoiled and sheltered, spending most of his time lazing around on beaches or theme parks, he was far from prepared for the apocalypse. As society was beginning to crumble, Zach's parents received word from Zach's uncle, Connor Cynes that a base called Fort City was being established as a safe zone. With a small group, they were able to make it there, except for Zach's father, Chris, who was lost in a Hurricane. Making it to the dystopian colony only by luck and circumstance, he now embarks on supply runs with his uncle, as he develops his apocalypse skills and turns into a true leader.


Zach has messy dirty blond hair and black eyes. His favorite color is green and often wears outfits with a green and white color scheme. In his first appearance, he wears a white hooded jacket over a green T-shirt, along with jeans and black sneakers. As he is often adventuring off into the wasteland, he often wears a backpack to hold weapons, tools, and more. He is of an average height for his age and isn't especially muscular.


Growing up spoiled without any fighting or basic mechanical skills, he at first lacks confidence. Despite this, he attempts to help out as much as possible. Throughout the series, he develops skills necessary to navigate the apocalyptic world.


  • Melee Combat: While at first clumsy and unknowing of any fighting techniques, he develops adequate fighting skills.
  • Firearms: He learns how to use firearms and improves his aim throughout the series.
  • Swimming: Growing up in Florida, he has above average swimming skills and an above average lung capacity.
  • Survival Skills: After a number of supply runs, Zach learns to mind his surroundings and how to spot useful materials.



  • Connor Cyence: Uncle
  • Susan Erwin: Mother
  • Chris Erwin: Deceased Father


  • David Arveck: Best friend, Teammate
  • cam-RON: Helpful Artificial Intelligence
  • Christene Burnston: Teammate
  • Raphael Burnston: Teammate
  • Rachel Denings: Teammate


  • Jack Fort: Dystopian Dictator
    • Lt. Bailey Gaston: Corrupt general
    • Enforcers: Jack Fort's army
  • Bandits and Looters: Common reoccurring nuisances


  • Zach's age has changed a lot throughout development. Originally only 13 years old, this changed back and forth until his current age of 16.
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