"Greetings, experiment."
—Sir Watersworth

Sir Watersworth is an original character designed by Coopergang1. Sir Watersworth resides in the Knock on Wood universe.

Sir Watersworth is a manatee mad scientist. He is an ally of General Ryvok, and the most technologically advanced creature in Arboria.


Not a lot is known of Watersworth's background. He is very intelligent, and likely comes from a very wealthy family.


Watersworth is a massive, overweight manatee. He wears an opaque monocle and a dark blue bow tie. He never walks, and whenever he is on land he prefers to use a high-tech hovering chair.


Watersworth is very snobbish and presumptuous, believing he is of a higher class than anyone else in Arboria. He is also extremely intelligent and scientifically skilled in many ways.


  • Intelligence: Watersworth has an enormous IQ, and uses this to create high tech inventions for himself, including his chair that allows him to traverse the area easily.
  • Marksmanship: He uses a harpoon gun with great aim.
  • Connections: He is allies with the despotic General Ryvok and magical Allister.



  • General Ryvok: Ally and friend
  • Brennan Barkley: Mercenary hired by Ryvok
  • Zombie Treant Elites: Resurrected by Allister
  • Allister: Occasional ally
  • Grizzlies: Soldiers under Ryvok's command


  • Woodrow: Major nuisance
  • Mr. Picidae: Long time menace
  • Otto: Nuisance
  • Chief Schnauzer: Imprisons Watersworth.


  • "Watersworth" simply refers to the fact that he spends most of his time in the water.
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