"You're not a witch, you're a water maker. It's a blessing if anything."
—Raul Spectre

Raul Spectre is an original character designed by CobraKhay. Raul Spectre resides in the Niroku universe.

Raul Spectre is a mute vampire and former Getiri agent. For rebelling against Getiri, he and his partner Cya were sent to The Wilds.


Spectre was a Klayvorian villager who befriended a nameless mage that he called Cya. She could conjure water with spells and he had her bring water to his droughted village. The other villagers saw her as a witch and forced her and Spectre to leave the village. The couple wandered through Klayvore and were eventually attacked by a Vampire. The vampire inflicted it's curse on Spectre and cut across his throat, which Cya was able to heal, but left him muted.


Spectre has orangeish-crimson eyes, black hair, and a leather suit. He also has sandy, grayish skin and elf ears.


Spectre is observant and supportive, and very protective of Cya.


  • Become Moving Shadow: His Sandwalk ability allows him to do this. He cannot do this if he is in darkness.
  • Healing Factor: Granted by the Vampire's curse



  • Cya: Spectre and Cya are inseparable. They know eachother so well, Cya has been shown to know exactly what Spectre is thinking, although he cannot speak.


  • Spectre is the only mute character in the Niroku Series.
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