"Let's not do that."
—Raphael Burnston

Raphael Burnston, usually referred to simply by his surname, is an original character designed by Coopergang1. Raphael Burnston resides in the Fort City universe.

Burnston is an engineer and architect that was pivotal in the creation of Fort City, and later joins the supply group headed by his wife, Christine and best friend, Dr. Cynes.


It has heavily implied that Burnston was never very social when he was younger, and likely suffered from social anxiety. Not a lot is known about Burnston's education, but it is implied that he was always vert intelligent, but had to drop out of college because of financial limitations. He then worked as a highly regarded freelance engineer around Pennsylvania, and at one point met and fell in love with Christine, who he would eventually marry shortly before the world ended.

One of the earliest residents of Fort City, he was doing repairs on the clock tower of the outlet mall when the world ended. He assisted Chester in clearing a herd of zombies from the premises of the mall. The mall worked as a makeshift base before Jack Fort arrived and transformed it into the colony it is today.


Burnston is off mostly Hispanic descent. He is balding quite a bit for his age, and wears brown glasses. He often wears his signature tan khaki jacket paired with a pair of darker khaki pants, with a varying color of work shirt underneath. He wears a brown leather belt and brown dress shoes, replaced by brown work boots when he is scavenging. As he is often adventuring off into the wasteland, he often wears a backpack to hold tools, supplies and more. He is a little shorter than average men, and has a somewhat stocky build.


Burnston tends to be anxious around Jack Fort, or any figure of power in Fort City. In the wasteland, he is often scared of the unknown dangers, being used to the safety behind the walls of Fort City. Since Burnston is close with Christine and Cynes, he tends to be more comfortable around them. He sometimes back-talks and acts sassy towards them.


  • Engineering: Burnston is a scientist with a well-developed knowledge of mechanics, machinery, and construction.
  • Survival Skills: After a number of supply runs, Burnston learns to mind his surroundings and how to spot useful materials.



  • Christine Burnston: Wife


  • Connor Cynes: Best friend and colleague.
  • cam-RON: Helpful Artificial Intelligence, creation
  • Zach Erwin: Teammate
  • David Arveck: Teammate


  • Jack Fort: Former boss turned dictator
    • Lt. Bailey Gaston: Corrupt general
    • Enforcers: Jack Fort's army
  • Bandits and Looters: Common reoccurring nuisances


  • Raphael is usually only referred to by his last name.
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