This page is a list of rules, regulations, and guidelines for the OC Database Wiki.

List of Admins

User:TheAgent41 (Head Admin)

List of Rules

No Pornography! No blatant nudity, genitalia, or nipples. Suggestive images may be utilized in pages if the Gory/Suggestive content template is displayed at the top of the page.

No Unauthorized Relatives! If you wish to create a fan character with a relation to someone else's character, you must gain permission from the creator. You can't simply just pretend to have permission, as one of the admins will ask the creator personally.

No Foul Language! No racial slurs, homophobic slurs, foul language, or any other bigotry/dickotry towards other wiki users. Racial, gender-centric, or homophobic slurs of any kind are bannable offenses.

No Established Characters! No established characters (i.e. don't make a page for an established, existing character like Mario or Godzilla).

No Character Thievery! No stealing credit for another user's characters.

No Character Vandalism! No editing or deleting another user's character pages without their express permission.

No Editing of Categories! No creating, editing, or deleting new category or template pages without express permission from one of the administrators.

  • However, administrators may edit any page without permission, but only for grammatical/formatting corrections. Administrators may not actually change article content without creator permission.

No Late Unfinished Pages! If your page remains in the "In development" category for over twenty days, it will be removed from the wiki. If you know that you will be unable to finish your page within this period of time for any reason, please let one of the administrators know.

  • If your page is deleted and you wish to continue working on it, please ask one of these administrators and we will return the page to its former version.

No Non-Character Pages! We do not accept articles on entire species; this wikia is for specific individuals only. This also goes for pages based on objects, locations, or universes.

No Unwanted Images! Do not upload images to any pages that are not your own unless you receive permission from the page's author.

No Alternate Versions of Established Characters! No submitting alternate versions of existing characters (like an alternate universe-version of Mario or Sonic). This is no different than just making an article for the existing character as is.

No Mean Parodies of Other Users! Articles that are negative, satirical fictional versions of other users are not allowed.

No Spamming! No Spamming. Spamming is the act of rapidly posting bare-bones pages or comments. Spamming will result in your account being temporarily banned.

No Drama! Do not troll or start pointless drama just for the sake of it. If there is a beef between users, alert an administrator.

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