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Featured Article: July 2018

---------- For more information, see Iseul Yim-Park ----------

Iseul ref
Iseul Yim-Park is a fan character designed by Linkheichou. Iseul Yim-Park resides in the Overwatch universe.

Iseul is a defense hero within Overwatch. He is a troubled soul, but tries his best to keep others happy and positive so they don't find out what happened to him in the past. Iseul Yim-Park (Korean: 임박 이슬) was born on December 31, 2051 in Daejeon, South Korea. He does not remember his family, as when he was eight years old, he found himself imprisoned in a death camp just miles from the North and South Korean border. He did was he could to survive, even if he had to sell himself. He does not speak of this time period, as it just reminds him of the pain and suffering he went through for 8 long years. At age 15, he got the freedom he dreamed of since he got in the camps. Upon arrival in Daeseong-dong, a town just one mile from the Bridge of No Return, he met an old man named Eun-Jeong, who took in the boy, who was covered in bruises, fresh and dry blood, and mud. In 2070, at age 19, Iseul joined the Korean Army, only to be exempted for being too short and too thin. So, he went off to be a mercenary. He is based in Seoul, South Korea under Overwatch.

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