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Featured Article: September 2018

---------- For more information, see NightMare Adrionos ----------

NightMare Adrionos is an original character designed by ShatteredNightMares. NightMare Adrionos resides in the Colo(u)rs Fly! universe.

NightMare Adrionos is the mascot for the comic series Colo(u)rs Fly! and serves as a comic relief. In 1995, NightMare Adrionos and his family were looking for their missing brother. NightMare had decided to go out into the forest since he and his brother used to play there all the time. All he found though was a strange looking mirror. All of a sudden, he got knocked out! When he awakened, he was bleeding from his eye and mouth and was in a part of the forest he wasn't familiar with. As he was stumbling around, he ran into a girl by the name of "Emma" who helped him through the forest. Along the way, they ran into a half-dog half-human hybrid by the name of "Sparky" and together they found their way out of the forest but to an unknown area.

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