This page contains the list of OC Article Standards that are expected of our members.



  • All pages should be written in paragraph form in grammatically-correct, modern American English.
    • If English is not your first language, please contact one of the admins by posting on their Message Wall and ask for help translating. We will be glad to help you.

Page Naming

  • All characters who possess a last name must have it included in their article title, especially if it is a common name such as "Jeff" or "Sarah." This is to make it easier to differentiate between multiple characters with the same first name.
    • If your character does not possess a last name, but has an uncommon first name such as Xia or Crocrump, then they may exist as a single name article.
    • Anthro characters (anthropomorphic animals/furry characters) that do not possess last names must include a suffix after their first name consisting of "the [insert species here]", such as Donna the Lombax and Goop the Gooptar.


  • Remember to always categorize your pages. If an administrator sees a page without categories, they will, of course, add necessary categories as they see fit, but doing it yourself saves administrators a lot of work.

Proper Formatting

  • Always remember to make sure to properly format your OC articles according to the provided template (the How to Format Articles page helps immensely). Don't just copy and paste your page from another wiki with different formatting rules into a blank page and call it a day. Obviously, if you're genuinely having problems with formatting, feel free to contact an administrator, but don't just be lazy.
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