"Sergs are filthy cheese heads."
—Kaija Henschel

Kaija Henschel is an original character designed by KaijaBurr. Kaija Henschel resides in the KaijaBurr universe.

Kaija Henschel is a grizzly bear who lives with her husband, Osiris. She has a fairly mundane life in Northern Alaska, away from most of civilization. She often enjoys to travel though, and has seen most of the world.


For the longest time, she spent her time alone. She liked it that way. Everyone was always so cruel so she secluded herself until she stumbled across a strange Fennec Fox in the woods. He was so far away from home, lost and starving in the fast wilderness. Kaija decided to help the strange man. They grew to view each other quite fondly, so instead of getting on the next ship back to Egypt, he stayed with her. Now they are married and living a happy life together.


Kaija is a dark brown grizzly bear. She's very tall, standing at roughly 6ft. Her hair is a lighter shade of brown with blonde underneath that goes down to her lower back. Her eyes are like chocolate.

She can usually be seen wearing anything baggy and comfortable. In her left ear is a corkscrew piercing that she wears most of the time. She ALWAYS wears her wedding band.


  • Nursing: Kaija is skilled at nursing sick people back to health, similar to what she did to help her future husband, Osiris Henschel.


Kaija is a huge introvert. She'd prefer to stay inside by herself than be in large crowds. Social situations make her nervous which cause her to tremble like a leaf. She can also be quite stubborn when she wants to be. She has a very short temper and is very possessive once she feel attached to someone.



  • Osiris Henschel: Husband


  • Aurora: Best friend
  • Sarin: Sarin


  • She hates children.
  • She loves to dress up in clothing from different time periods and pretending that she's in that era.
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Kaija Henschel