"The elves are all the same. They cheat and lie and murder Vjulti in cold blood."
—Kaaro Forruo

Kaaro Forruo is an original character designed by ForgingIron. Kaaro Forruo resides in the Kostek universe.

Kaaro is the high general of the army of Vjultivaho. He is a Genghis Khan-like figure in Kostek, as many revere him and see him as a hero, whereas others despise him.


Kaaro was born in the year 32 BKW [Before Kostek War]. He was born to a noble family and so inherited an army from his father. He proved himself to be a capable warrior early on in life.


As a Vjulti, Kaaro is reptilian and taller than most humans. His scales are forest green on his back and light green on his chest. His head is covered in scaly skin. He does not wear any clothes or armor apart from a copper necklace with a pendant of tuuve fur.


Kaaro is very extroverted and often quite happy, especially when fighting. He takes great joy in fighting for his king and his country. He especially loves fighting elves. He collects their ears and displays them as trophies.


  • Hard Scales: His scales are incredibly thick, making his skin nearly impenetrable.



  • Okua Forruo: Deceased wife of Kaaro.
  • Vuoku, Eiro, and Lona Forruo: Deceased children of Kaaro.


  • Vor Tekr: General of the armies of Trajakter and ally.


  • Althen Bior: Human King
  • Kuha Seinus: Elf King


  • If Kaaro had a theme tune it would likely be Ride by Twenty-One Pilots.
  • Kaaro's favourite food is flank steak.
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