"*Maniac laughter*"

Experiment-038 is an original character designed by Coopergang1. Experiment-038 resides in the Special Place in Hell universe.

Experiment-038 is a mysterious shape-shifting being created by an experiment gone wrong in Antarctica.


The only information on this being could be obtained through damaged lab reports. Experiment-038 was a scientist working at a top-secret arctic laboratory. He or she was chosen to be the guinea pig for a series of tests and experiments, trying to see if they could alter human proportions at will- height, weight, muscle mass. While they succeeded in doing that, the body became very unstable, and had to be kept within a containment suit to keep from dying, and possibly exploding upon death. The experiment affected the subject's mind, keeping it from thinking or even speaking clearly. With 038's only purpose seemingly being to destroy, it broke free from the facility and somehow made it's way back.


038 can range from being short and skinny to tall and broad. It wears a baggy orange containment lab suit. He wears boots and partitioned gloves of a very dark (almost black) green color. It has a stylized oblique glass helmet that only shows a faint glowing green silhouette of a head.


Thirty-Eight's mind was destroyed in the experiment, leaving only primal, primitive instincts. They will laugh and yell, but those are the only traces of humanity left.


  • Shapeshifting: Thirty-Eight can alter its proportions, becoming small and skinny to be nimble and quick, or large and broad to become an unstoppable brute.
  • Lighting: A ripped bundle of power cords originating from 38's backpack gives them the ability to shoot electric sparks at opponents.
  • Melee Combat: Thirty-Eight is armed with a large plexiglass graduated cylinder. After a few successful hits, it will shatter in half. A few more hits will cause it to break completely, and they will resort to using fists, which is most valuable when large.



  • Maxwell Suture: Teammate
  • Bloody Mary: Teammate
  • Lugnuts the Clown: Teammate
  • Simon the Psychic: Teammate
  • Silverface: Teammate
  • Guilloteau: Teammate
  • Fred Normwell: Teammate


  • Thirty-Eight's official in-game statistics are:
    • Speed: 1-5
    • Range: 4
    • Power: 1-5
    • Sneak: 1-4
  • Thirty-Eight's combat uses many retro sci-fi sound effects.
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