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Emily the Agarif is a fan character created by ZeroByteS. Emily the Agarif resides in the Undertale universe.

Emily is an Ulder/Alpha Agarif-monster. She is often nicknamed 'Cinnamon,' after her love of it, and she usually tries to cook cinnamon related things with disastrous results. She can be spared by either joking with her, giving her a cinnamon bun, or being hit by one of her attacks in pacifist. She is barely even a teenager by Agarif standards, about the equivalent of a 13 year old. She is mentally older, however, as she taught herself, and loved to read.


She was a very easily scared as a hatchling, and when she was found out to have dark red scales and a forked tounge, her parents tried to kill her. She ran, and escaped the hive, finding her way to Snowdin and living in the forests there.


She is tall and plump, with dark red scales. Her left iris is blue, and her right green. She has 4 ears, a specific trait to her class. Her claws are sharp, her right sharper then her left. She has small wings on her back, not enough to allow flight, but she uses them to carry things.


She does have a connection to Ulder, who just gives sits there in her mind and be negative. Strangely, this is seen as possession to anything that can scan that. Emily tries to hide her bloodline, in fear that any other Agarif see her and try to kill her. She always scared to go through waterfall, as this puts her at more risk of being found.

She always tries to be friendly, but does what needs to be done if she needs to. She works in the royal guard, but she doesn't try to catch the human except in Genocide or Neutral. In pacifist, she gives 3 second warnings to her attacks, as she can't bring herself to hurting the human, mainly to prove Ulder wrong about her nature.


  • Venomous Bite: Emily has a venomous bite. The venom affects all health and can deplete it pretty fast. can be weakened by any form of healing, with it either wearing off or an antivenin being applied. Emily doesn't use it often, saying it leaves an icky taste in her mouth.
  • Scales Fling: 3 scales appear around Emily, much like friendliness pellets. These are flung at the soul instantly, after stopping aiming for half a second, with no warning (exception of Pacifist). The best way to dodge this is to just keep moving.
  • Camouflage: She can camouflage, but this is not very good. She can't do this in battle as she needs to concentrate to do it.



  • Samantha: Mother
  • Davidson: Father
  • Samari: Brother



  • She has Cephalophobia - an irrational fear of squids and Octopuses.
  • She absolutely hates getting wet.
  • She's allergic to peanuts
  • She had Complete Heterochromia, making her eyes have different Iris colours; her left blue and her right green. These glow when she's angry, but this has no affect on her stats.
  • She has a gold crown somewhere in the snow around her camp. She keeps misplacing it. She wears it whenever she can find it, liking the dull shining it does in light.
  • She sheds her scales, often at random or distressing times. These scales can actually be melted after a week after shedding, and molded into a strong metal-like substance which keeps its colour, or a mix of the colors used. Emily's thinking of a name for the metal.
  • Colors are more 'vibrant' to Emily, making them seem slightly brighter to her and more colorful. Over-bright colors hurt her eyes however.
  • She cannot feel pain in the leathery part of her wings (the skin that helps glide), but she can feel any hole appearing.
  • Her eyes turn to slits if she sneezes, yawns, hiccups, or just wants to.
  • She's the original Agarif, which caused the species page to be created.
  • Her genetic scale color is green, which can actually be seen on the underneath off her wings as there is a green tinge there. However, it is still mainly dark red.
  • Apart from cinnamon, her favorite food is rabbit.
  • The magic that turns her scales dark red is actually poisonous. The poison can be removed by boiling the scales, and the magic will seep out and turn the substance it is being boiled it gel-like and poisonous. This can also be used to change the scales color through all hues for colored metal, with it finally ending up green.
  • Whilst she is too heavy to swim properly, her wings can help push her through the water and stay afloat.
  • She is an amazing singer.
  • If someone sings a song near Emily while she's asleep, she compulsively softly sings it in her sleep. She perks her ears up when this happens. She can also learn songs while asleep, but she never remembers singing or learning a song.
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Emily the Agarif