"Dogs don't talk, bruh."
—DigiFace the Dog

DigiFace the Dog is an original character created by Calibriloveschesse. DigiFace the Dog resides in the The Animaly universe.

DigiFace is a dog that was born without a face. He lost his arms in a car crash that happened at the age of 3, but now he is a happy dog with a happy and loving family.


Digi lived in Belgrade for 3 and a half years, but he moved to Ohahu to live with his cousin when his mom and dad became too busy to take care of him. In Ohahu, Digi met the love of his life, Shadow. Together, they had a child named Screentime. Digi and Shadow later bought a house on Ohahu and the two of them have lived there for 17 years as of now. Digi doesn't currently have a job, but he has a hobby of fixing computers, even if he's not the best at it.


DigiFace is a cream-colored dog with a computer screen acting as his face. The arms that he lost in his childhood have since been replaced with glowing hologram versions of them. When it comes to clothing, Digi mostly wears a light yellow T-shirt, but only on rare occasions.


Digi is shy and really awkward around other people, but when you get to know him, he's pretty chill. He enjoys warm hugs and rain. He really doesn't like it when people touch his screen because it is fragile and breaks easily. He can be really overprotective sometimes, and sometimes that gets him into trouble.


  • Shape-Shifting: Being holograms, Digi's arms can shape-shift, and they become stronger as they increase in size. However, Digi's nervous nature prevents him from actually hurting anybody.
  • Fixing Computers: Digi's main hobby is fixing computers. Despite the fact that he isn't the best at it, he enjoys it immensely.



  • Michaela (♀): Mother
  • Derek (♂): Father
  • Mile (♂): Uncle
  • Richard (♂): Brother
  • Q (♀): Sister
  • Shadow (♀): Wife
  • Screentime(♀): Daughter


  • Calibri (♀): Friend
  • Fluffy (♀): Friend
  • Storm (♀): Friend


  • As a child, Digi owned a pet ostrich named Dave.
  • Digi's a big fan of the name "Bob."
  • No one seems to know Digiface's age.
  • Digi is left-handed.
  • He actually really liked school.
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DigiFace the Dog