"Let's go."
—David Arveck

David Arveck is an original character designed by Coopergang1. David Arveck resides in the Fort City universe.

Pre-apocalypse, David was a pilot in the marines, but is now a soldier in Jack Fort's supply run groups and a good friend of Zach.


David was never a child prodigy or the best behaved kid, and he got into fights on several occasions. Some of his pastimes included video games, football, and any type of war game including airsoft and paintball. He knew from a young age that he wanted to join the service, but there was some hesitation when the day actually came. He ended up as a pilot in the United States Marine Corps., where he served for several years. When a series of natural disasters started to destroy America, his squadron was sent back home for relief to citizens, helping them escape. A convoy he was in was disrupted by a tornado, and he got separated from the rest of his squadron- meaning he had to use his skills he learned in the military to survive. He eventually made his way to the colony of Fort City, Pennsylvania.


David is African-American and has a military buzz cut and black eyes. He often wears a red and silver athletic zipper hoodie over a white v-neck T-shirt. He also wears grey camouflage cargo shorts, with black military boots and long white socks. As he is often adventuring off into the wasteland, he often wears a backpack to hold weapons, supplies, and more. He is fairly muscular but slim.


David is one of the more optimistic and hopeful members of the group, second only to Christine. He is one of the most helpful and willing people to contribute and work out problems, without expecting anything in return. He trains other people, notable Zach, to fight using the techniques he learned in the service.


  • Firearms: David has an expert-level use of firearms from his military training.
  • Melee Combat: He is one of the most adept hand-to-hand fighters in the supply groups, and uses a combat knife and tomahawk frequently.
  • Survival Skills: After a number of supply runs, David learns to mind his surroundings and how to spot useful materials.



  • Zach Erwin: Best friend, Teammate
  • cam-RON: Helpful Artificial Intelligence
  • Christene Burnston: Teammate
  • Connor Cynes: Teammate
  • Raphael Burnston: Teammate
  • Rachel Denings: Teammate


  • Jack Fort: Dystopian Dictator
    • Lt. Bailey Gaston: Corrupt general
    • Enforcers: Jack Fort's army
  • Bandits and Looters: Common recurring nuisances


  • David was originally a very minor character, whose main role was restoring a helicopter to its full use, but his role has improved due to a lack of well-trained fighters in the supply group.
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