"Remember, kids, stay in drugs and don't do school!"
—Coolio Cat

Coolio Cat is a fan character designed by TheAgent41. Coolio Cat resides in the Cool Cat universe.

Coolio Cat is the juvenile delinquent cousin of that goody two-shoes Cool Cat. While Cool Cat loves friendship, hugs, and all kids, Coolio Cat loves drugs, petty thefts, and wearing dark shades that make him look cool. He serves as a foil to his cousin; the two of them are both cool, but their personal definitions of the word "cool" differ greatly.


Coolio Cat was born to an unnamed mother cat and the brother of Derek "Daddy Derek" Savage. Thus, he is Cool Cat's cooler cousin. Derek's brother left him and his mother early in his childhood, so he never really had much of a father figure at all in his life, which may or may not have contributed to his delinquent nature.

Coolio first experimented with drugs at the age of nine when the nice homeless man who lived underneath the slide at his elementary school playground offered him some bath salts. Even as a child, he was instantly hooked. As drugs took over his life throughout his adolescent years, his grades quickly fell below what could even be considered salvageable, and his life of juvenile delinquency began.


Coolio is nearly identical to his cousin and aunt in many respects. They are all six-foot cats with orange fur, large eyes, and large black noses. However, Coolio differentiates himself with his clothing, which reflects his punk lifestyle.

He usually wears a black T-shirt that says "Drugs Are Cool" on it, a spiked gray collar around his neck, blue jeans (that often sag), and dark shades. He also has styled his hair to resemble that of a standard 1950s greaser.


Coolio Cat's personality is a stark contrast to that of Cool Cat's; Coolio Cat loves taking drugs, drinking alcohol, committing crimes (including graffiti and shoplifting), and loitering. He has a very laid-back personality and is very friendly towards children, always happily offering them a smoke or any crack cocaine he may have on him at the time.


  • Evading the Cops: Coolio is a master escape artist when it comes to avoiding the authorities. Over the few years he has been a professional delinquent, he has amassed a large group of "associates" who are more than happy to shelter him from the cops in exchange for some drugs.
  • Shoplifting: Coolio Cat is a very skilled shoplifter. He has stolen at least several hundred dollars worth of candy bars and cigarettes from various convenience stores and gas stations, all without having ever being caught by the authorities.



  • Cool Cat: Less-cool cousin
  • Mama Cat: Aunt
  • "Daddy" Derek Savage: Uncle


  • Authority: All forms of authority


  • Unlike his cousin, Coolio Cat's purpose in life is to show children just how cool drugs and shoplifting will make them.
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