—Christine Burnston

Christine Burnston, rarely referred to by her full name, is an original character designed by Coopergang1. Christine Burnston resides in the Fort City universe.

Before the apocalypse, Christine was a high school geography teacher. Now, she works as a navigator on Jack Fort's supply run groups in Fort City.


Christine was always a very odd and quirky girl. Despite hanging out with the weird kids, she did very well in school, especially social studies. This would transfer over into her adult life, as she went to college and became a geography teacher in one of the state's biggest and best high schools. She always had a way with maps of any kind, and this proves useful when the world ended and digital maps became useless. She was brought to the outlet mall base by her recently married husband, Raphael Burnston. She witnessed the creation of Fort City when Jack Fort took over the outlet base.


Christine has long, frizzy sandy brown hair. She also has green eyes, freckles, and dimples. Her scavenging outfit consists of a brown collared leather jacket over a beige tank top with pink and lime green stripes. She also wears skinny jeans with a purplish hue and black combat boots. As she is often adventuring off into the wasteland, she often wears a backpack to hold her many maps, supplies and more.


Christine is without a doubt the most hopeful and enthusiastic member of the group. She is determinant and tenacious.


  • Navigation: Thanks to her pre-apocalyptic traveling, roadtrips, and job as a geography teacher, Christine has a very good knowledge of navigation and maps. It is nearly impossible for her to get lost.
  • Combat: Spending a lot of time in the wasteland, Christine has learned many combat skills ranging from firearm use to melee weapons.
  • Survival Skills: After a number of supply runs, Burnston learns to mind his surroundings and how to spot useful materials.



  • Raphael Burnston: Husband


  • Connor Cynes: Friend
  • cam-RON: Helpful Artificial Intelligence
  • Zach Erwin: Teammate
  • David Arveck: Teammate


  • Jack Fort: Former boss turned dictator
    • Lt. Bailey Gaston: Corrupt general
    • Enforcers: Jack Fort's army
  • Bandits and Looters: Common reoccurring nuisances


  • Christine is rarely referred to by her full name.
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