—Bailey Gaston

Bailey Gaston is an original character designed by Coopergang1. She resides in the Fort City universe.

Lieutenant Gaston was initially the leader of Jack Fort's private army of Enforcers. She was abducted by wasteland raiders and spins off into her own arc.


Bailey was raised by a very patriotic veteran, and named after a fallen troop member of his. Initially she rebelled against her father's strict and fighting ways, but her upbringing got the best of her and she accepted it. She joined the marines straight out of high school, where she dealt with the hardships of being a female soldiers, a real life G.I Jane.

She had left the military and was running a gym in her hometown when the world ended. Because of her previous military service, she was granted access to a military base for shelter. The base was attacked by a huge, furious mob of rejected citizens demanding supplies, who had to be neutralized- an events that both scarred and changed the troops living in the base. Survivors of the mob retaliated with heavier artillery, succeeding in breaching the walls of the base, sabotaging enough equipment to render the base unsuitable. The troops fled the base in a large carrier plane. On the way to Canada, believed to be a safe zone, the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. They all survived, and took refuge in an abandoned warehouse until they were found by some founding members of Fort City. They donned new armor and become Fort City's elite army, the Enforcers.


Gaston has dark brown hair tied into a ponytail and brown eyes. She wears a typical enforcer uniform, minus a helmet and mask. This consists of blue leather pants, a blue leather jacket, a bulletproof grey vest and pads, as well as grey tactical gloves and boots.


Gaston is known for her immense willpower and survival instincts.


  • Melee Combat: Gaston has undergone military hand-to-hand combat training.
  • Firearms: Gaston is very efficient with firearms, and tends to prefer LMGs and assault rifles.
  • Endurance: Being a Marine veteran, she has gone to hell and back nearly literally, so she can adapt to most hardships.



  • Jack Fort: Boss and crush
    • Enforcers: Troops
  • Bruiser: Second-in-command


  • Raiders: Enemies and abductors


  • "Bailey" is an alternate spelling of the name Baylee, meaning "inside castle walls", indicating that she is close to Jack Fort or possibly the inner circle of Fort City.
  • "Gaston" is pronounced differently than the common french pronunciation of the surname popularized by Disney's Beauty and The Beast.
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