"Oh, my good sir. Do not flee from me. It will do you no good to run."

Anomaly-097 is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Anomaly-097 resides in the Department of Paranormal Anomalies universe.

Quite possibly one of (if not THE) most dangerous and cunning Anomaly known to the Department of Paranormal Anomalies, Anomaly-097 is a merciless and brutal killer with the ability to shrug off any damage and rip through any material. This homicidal monstrosity from a parallel dimension possesses a surprisingly polite and soft-spoken demeanor that belies its true, unspeakably-evil nature.


Anomaly-097 was located in a remote Russian research base in Antarctica. Evidently, the Russian scientists had found it buried deep beneath the ice, but once it thawed, it went on a rampage and slaughtered each of them one by one.

The creature was soon detained by Department of Paranormal Anomalies staff and brought to Containment Facility C, where it has been contained ever since. In interviews, Anomaly-097 revealed that it originated from a parallel universe that evidently makes our popular depiction of Hell look like paradise.


Anomaly-097 is a tall, reptilian humanoid standing seven feet in height. Its head is hairless and pointed at the back. Anomaly-097 lacks any eyes whatsoever, but does possess thin nostril slits and an often-frowning mouth filled with countless needle-like teeth. Anomaly-097's torso is rather muscular, yet still lean. Both its fingers and toes end in four-inch black claws. Perhaps Anomaly-097's most noticeable feature is the four, slime-covered tentacles emerging from its back, which are prehensile and can stretch long distances to capture prey.


Anomaly-097 is a very merciless, ruthless killer. It never feels any sort of remorse for the murders that it commits, and in fact it seems to relish in viciously slaughtering anyone in its way. While the creature is normally polite and soft-spoken when potential victims are not nearby, it will immediately drop this act when a potential victim is within reach and destroy them through any means possible.

Despite its ruthless, aggressive nature, Anomaly-097 generally speaks in a soft-spoken, calm British accent. Those rare few who have managed to encounter it and live to tell the tale have described this manner of speaking as "much too human" and "thoroughly disconcerting."


  • Immense Strength: Anomaly-097 appears to have nearly limitless strength. It can tear through virtually any material, including diamond and titanium. Anomaly-097 can only be restrained by chains made entirely of graphene. This strength means that Anomaly-097 can tear a victim of any size or species in half with no effort.
  • Invincibility: Anomaly-097 is notable for being capable of shrugging off any damage dealt to it. Anomaly-097's skin is virtually indestructible by all known man-made weaponry, and it even appears to increase in durability as it takes damage.
  • Genius Intellect: Anomaly-097 possesses an Einstein-level intellect and is capable of speaking fluent English in a calm, soothing British accent. Anomaly-097 is very knowledgeable regarding human psychology and loves to mentally attack its victims in addition to physically attacking them.
  • Limb Generation: Anomaly-097 is capable of generating entirely new limbs, sensory organs, mouths, and other appendages at will. While it is unable to change its general body shape, this ability still allows it to temporarily gain any abilities it wants, such as flight and the ability to spit corrosive acid.



  • Anomaly-176: Desired partner-in-crime


  • Mankind: All of mankind


  • Anomaly-097's backstory is heavily inspired by that of the titular creature from John Carpenter's The Thing.
  • Anomaly-097's ideal voice actor would be YouTube user TheVolgun using the same voice he utilized when voicing SCP-049 in SCP: Containment Breach.
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