—Allister the Snail

Allister the Snail is an original character designed by Coopergang1. Allister the Snail resides in the Knock on Wood universe.

Allister is a powerful, yet clumsy, sorcerer. He considers himself strictly neutral, between good and evil.


Not a lot is known of Allister's background. He lives on his own in a hut in the Mystic Woodlands, and normally offers his magical services to whoever offers the best amount.


Allister is a massive land snail. His skin is a pale purple tone while his shell is painted a maroon color adorned with gold and silver alchemy symbols. He has a long, white beard and bushy white eyebrows on top of his stalks. He also leaves a trail of bluish green slime wheveer he goes.


Allister realizes that his abilities are very useful. He is very greedy, and charges high prices. He betrays Woodrow after General Ryvok gives him a large offer.


  • Magic: Allister is practiced in many types of magic, from Sorcery to Alchemy. He uses his slime trails to create magic symbols for his spells. He can use magic for almost anything, ranging from healing, combat, moving large objects, and curses.
  • Connections: He is allies with the despotic General Ryvok and tech genius Sir Watersworth.


Believing himself to be strictly neutral, Allister has no definite allies or enemies.


  • General Ryvok: Acquaintance
  • Zombie Treant Elites: Creations
  • Sir Wastersworth: Acquaintance
  • Grizzlies: Soldiers under Ryvok's command
  • Woodrow: Acquaintance
  • Mr. Picidae: Acquaintance
  • Otto: Acquaintance


  • The name "Allister" originally belonged to an antagonist of a survival horror game created by Justin Wolfe.
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